P10 Touch Probe

Touch Trigger Probe

The P10 CMM Touch Trigger Probe is manufactured to exacting standards and represents the most cost effective after-market solution for your CMM. The P10 is a 5-way kinematic touch probe suitable for both manual and automatic coordinate measuring machines.

The P10 uses ceramic precision spheres and rollers to form its internal kinematic joint. Ceramic, with its lower coefficient of expansion over steel, ensures maximum probe resistance to thermal drift.

The P10 probe accepts M2 styli and is available with a selection of factory set trigger forces to allow probe configuration best suited to the CMM measurement task.

P10 probes are available in | Low | Standard | Medium | Extended | force variants.

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Low Force (P10-LF)

Low Force (P20-LF) for styli up to 30mm length and soft materials applications.

Standard Force (P10-SF)

Standard Force (P10-SF) for most measurement applications and styli up to 50mm length.

Medium Force (P10-MF)

Medium Force (P10-MF) for styli up to 60mm length.

Extended Force (P10-EF)

Extended Force (P10-EF) for heavy stylus configurations.


Parameter Specification
Probe Trigger Direction - 5 way ±X | ±Y | +Z
Probe Diameter 16mm
Probe Length 38mm
Probe Mount M8 thread
Stylus Thread M2 thread
XY Axis Over-travel ±15º
Z Axis Over-travel 4mm
Module Trigger Life 1,000,000
Module Re-seat Life 25,000
Magnetic Module Force 1000 grams
Probe Weight 28 grams
Magnetic Field Protection Yes
Probe Protection Rating IP40


Low Force Module Standard Force Module Medium Force Module Extended Force Module
Part Code P20-LF P20-SF P20-MF P20EF
End Cap Color Gray Black Green Red
Uni-directional Accuracy (10mm stylus) 0.35µm 0.35µm 0.5µm 0.65µm
Bi-directional Accuracy (10mm stylus) ±0.6µm ±0.8µm ±1.0µm ±2.5µm
XY Trigger Force (grams) 4.5 9 18 27
Z Trigger Force (grams) 20 40 80 120
XY Overtravel ±15º ±15º ±15º ±15º
Z Overtravel 4 4 3 2