P1 Touch Probe


The P1 Touch Probe is extremely rugged and specifically designed for use with manual coordinate measuring machines. Generous 15° over-travel in both X & Z and a full 4 mm in Z provide the necessary probe robustness for manual CMM operations.

The P1 5-way kinematic touch probe Manual CMM touch probe is manufactured to exacting standards and represents the most cost effective after-market solution for your manual CMM.

P1 is designed for using a star styli cluster thereby allowing full feature access when inspecting prismatic parts. In addition the adjustable knuckle-joint provides even further measurement flexibility by allowing the probe to be orientated allowing measurement access to more complex part features. The P1 probe needs to be calibrated after every reorientation.

The Comprehensive Boxed P1 Probe Kit comes standard with P1 Probe, Probe Cable, 3 Styli and Tools.

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Parameter Specification
Probe Trigger Direction - 5 way ±X | ±Y | +Z
Probe Diameter 28mm
Probe Length 44.5mm
Probe Mount 8mm ø shank supplied standard
Adjustable Knuckle Yes
Stylus Thread M3 Thread
XY Axis Over-travel ±15º
Z Axis Over-travel 4mm
Probe Trigger Life 1,000,000
Probe Force ±X | ±Y 30 grams
Probe Force Z 185 grams
Uni-directional Accuracy (10mm stylus) 0.75µm
Bi-directional Accuracy (10mm stylus) ±1.5µm
Probe Status Red LED
Electrical Connection 5 core curly cable with 5 pin DIN connector
Probe Weight TBD
Included Styli 1mm ø x 20mm; 2mm ø x 20mm; 3mm ø x 20mm