MT10 Probe Head


The MT10 is a 2 axes manually indexable probe head that offers repeatable probe indexing and eliminates the need to re-qualify the stylus tip after re-orientation. The MT10 probe head can be used with all manufacturers touch probes with M8 threaded connection.

The touch-probe is connected to the head A axis which rotates the probe through ±105° in the Z plane. The B axis rotates the probe through ±180° in the X-Y plane. A lever actuated locking mechanism locks the head in the desired position for CMM measurement. The head is unlocked to allow manual probe rotation to another position. Probe positions are available in angular increments of 15° in each axis providing a total of 384 possible positions.

The MT10 has an interchangeable mounting shank to allow rigid mounting to the measuring machine.

Integral red LED indicates Touch Trigger Probe status.

  • Shank diameter to suite CMM to be specified at time of order.

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Parameter Specification
A - Axis Index ±105° in 15° repeatable steps = 16 positions
B - Axis Index ±180° in 15° repeatable steps = 24 positions
Total Head Index Positions 384
Head Index Position Repeatability (2σ) 1.5 µm with P20 touch probe fitted with 10 mm stylus
2.5 µm with P20 touch probe fitted with 20 mm stylus
Probe Mount M8 thread
CMM Mount Shank to suite CMM (Supplied separately)
Probe Status Red LED
Cable Connection 5-pin DIN socket
Maximum Extension Bar 75mm
Weight 300 grams