FT10 Probe Head


The FT10 is a vertically mounted Fixed Probe Head that allows direct connection with industry standard M8 thread Touch Trigger Probes. The FT10 is ideally suited for use on manually operated coordinate measuring machines and multi-sensor video inspection machines.

The FT10 comes complete with an interchangeable mounting shank to allow rigid mounting to the measuring machine.

Integral red LED indicates Touch Trigger Probe status.

Electrical connection is via a 5 pin DIN connection connected to rigidly fixed ‘curly’ cable.


  • Shank diameter other than standard 9.5 mm to be specified at time of order.

  • Alternative cable length can be supplied by special order

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FT10 Technical Specification

Wireless Ballbar Specifications
Parameter Specification
Probe Mount Industry Standard M8 Thread
Length 28mm
Probe Status Red LED
Electrical Connection Fixed 5 core curly cable with 5 pin DIN connector
Cable Length Range 315mm - 715mm
Weight 48 grams
Machine Mount Interchangeable Shank
Standard Shank Diameter 9.5mm