Teles Metrology CMM probing products represent the best value solutions available in the market. Discounts of over 35% are the typical price advantage offered by Teles products over the equivalent product from your traditional probing supplier.


The Teles Metrology range of CMM Probes, Probe Heads and Styli are compatible with those supplied by the traditional supply base and offer comparable technology and quality at price levels never before experienced by the CMM user community.


Performance assured CMM probing products from Teles Metrology are delivered with a comprehensive factory warranty with proven accuracy and reliability and come standard with a traceable calibration certificate.


Teles Metrology is reinventing the value of CMM probing systems for customers; our mission “to bring affordable CMM probing products to the global manufacturing community – without compromise”

Comprensive range of reinvented advanced technology CMM probing solutions manufactured with a precise quality focus on delivered value.

Technology, Quality, Accuracy & Reliability ... With Value

Probe Heads

The Teles range of manual and motorised probe heads provide a cost effective after-market solution for your existing CMM. Manual CMM’s can be upgraded to provide increased measuring flexibility while the motorised indexing AT10 probe head dramatically increases CMM productivity.

CMM Touch Probes

The Teles CMM Touch Probes, manufactured to exacting standards, represent the most cost-effective after-market solution for your CMM. The P20 5-way kinematic touch probe, designed with separate probe body, and detachable repeatable stylus modules with magnetic kinematic joint.

CMM Styli

Teles offers a comprehensive range of stainless steel and carbon fibre shafted styli fitted with industry standard synthetic ruby ball. The cost effective carbon fibre range provide increased stiffness allowing longer stylus lengths without measurement accuracy degradation.

For 30 years a virtual market monopoly has minimized price competition in the CMM probe market. Now that the patents protecting the original design innovations have expired Teles Metrology launches its range of compatible after-market CMM products.

We invite you to inspect our technology, quality and product value.


  • P1 Probe

    Rugged P1 manual CMM touch trigger probe offers large measurement over-travel. PROBE MORE
  • P10 Probe

    P10 Classic touch trigger probe suitable for both manual and automatic CMMs. PROBE MORE
  • P20 Probe

    P20 touch probe with separate probe body with detachable stylus force modules. PROBE MORE